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Dear Fellow Cadilians,


At the onset, I would like to thank you all for your ongoing efforts and toil towards Cadila Growth Story. I am glad to intimate the commencement of the performance evaluation process for Appraisal year 2018 along with the goal setting process for year 2019. All employees who have joined us on or before 30th June 2018 will be covered under evaluation process for appraisal year 2018.

I will like to urge you all to look back and reflect on the performance exhibited by our teams and ourselves. During this appraisal we should:

  • Motivate and mentor our team members by discussing performance elements over one-o-one session/s and deliver constructive feedback that enables a team member to build on his/her successes.
  • Enable them to see areas of improvement as stepping stones towards a lasting and ever growing career with Cadila.
  • While doing above two be fair, transparent and unbiased.

We strongly believe that employee self-respect is of paramount value to us and that has been the guiding force behind our attempt to change the rating scale for the performance evaluation 2018.

The New Rating scale along with the expected job behaviour is below:

A*- Role Model

  • Not only consistently exceed expectations by a significant length but also helps others in achieving and excelling their KRA’s. (Achievement – More than 120% )
  • Seen as a role model with-in the department as well as for employees of the interfacing departments
  • Strongly and consistently depicts Cadila Values in job behaviour.


A*- Role Model

  • Consistently exceeds expectations on all Key result areas.  (Achievement – 90%-<120%)
  • Strongly and consistently depicts Cadila Values in job behaviour

A*- Role Model

  • Able to meet expectations with some hand holding. Needs more consistency.  (Achievement -70%-<90)
  • Needs some improvement on the competencies, however depicts an ability to learn and can be groomed to consistently deliver on expectations.
  • Depicts  Cadila values in job behaviour for most of the transactions.


A*- Role Model

  • Needs significant improvement in most  of the competencies. Not able to meet expectations on most of the KRA’s. (Achievement – Less than 70%)
  • Depicts high learning curve and extensive effort is needed to groom the individual to consistently deliver  expectations.
  • Does not always depict Cadila values in job behaviour.

It is advised that we take steps to mentor our team members towards being consistent high performers and build them on their minor and major successes. Guide them how to prevent reoccurrence of failures as well as extend clear and measurable expectations while setting goals for 2019.

As a part of ‘HappyShift’ and our endeavour to augment transparency in the system of calibration, all A* and A+ ratings shall be discussed during functional/ BU Calibration meetings and CCM. Collective view will be taken on these ratings.

I hope we all will learn from our performance review sessions and same shall become bed rock for our successes in coming year.

I wish you all a very successful year ahead.

Warm Regards,
Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh


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