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  • CPL Biologicals launches Cadiflu-S, World’s First Virus Like Particle (VLP) Vaccine for Seasonal Influenza Read More >>
Cadila Pharmaceuticals believes in “Collaborative indigenous effort is key to R&D success”

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited believes and works towards providing affordable healthcare to all. In order to achieve the same, it has always taken steps to remain ahead of time and keep innovating products that are beyond its generic nature. In order to offer different pharmaceutical products addressing different problems, Cadila Pharmaceuticals has addressed many key areas in modern medicine.

The mission and goal of Cadila Pharmaceuticals is to produce and provide affordable medicines to the common people that was first established by the company’s founder Chairman Shri I A Modi. The basic aim is to offer innovative as well as the world’s first molecule at an affordable price. Drugs such as Risorine, Polycap or Mycidac C are such examples that describes the organisation’s commitment to the cause of offering affordable and cost-effective drugs and medicines to people.

A major breakthrough in 2009 took place as with the launch of Polycap, a drug that helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases. This is a novel drug that has a combination of three antihypertensive drugs along with aspirin and a statin (cholesterol lowering drug). The R&D team, in the very same year, also made a major discovery in the field of tuberculosis as they produced and launched Risorine. This is the first boosted rifampicin that contains a fixed dose combination to be used as an anti-tuberculosis drug.

In 2013, Cadila Pharmaceuticals achieved another milestone with the launch of Mycidac C that is used for treatment of lung cancer. This is also the first active immunotherapy drug in the world used for treatment of lung cancer.
For Cadila Pharmaceuticals, R&D has always been a focus area and an investment of six to seven percent from the total revenue is done on the same. The state-of-the-art in house R&D facility has over 350 scientists who works towards producing many such drugs and medicines that are known to be the world’s firsts and can be made available for the people at an affordable price.

Cadila Pharmaceuticals is also known to invest in development of innovative products such as vaccines, pain management drugs and antibiotics and many other drugs. In their joint venture with Novavax, the focus has been on development of new vaccine candidates using virus like particle (VLP) technology. Cadila Pharmaceuticals’ strategic collaboration with Pergamum AB is aimed at development of a novel treatment for infections with a unique targeting mechanism that is clearly distinguished from the other groups of antibiotics.

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