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Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited adopts eco-friendly measures

World Environment Day, also referred to as WED is a day that is celebrated with the aim of raising awareness amongst the general public to adopt eco-friendly measures in order to protect the environment and protect nature from any further deterioration. World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5. This programme is run by The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The theme on the occasion of World Environment Day in 2014 was “Small Islands and Climate Change” and the official slogan being Raise Your Voice Not the Sea Level.

In the present scenario, without any intervention from the media or celebrity endorsements or corporate social activities, such actions are difficult to reach people who are generally and largely responsible. Many celebrities and corporates join hands to be part of campaigns that ensure that the message of being responsible to your society and environment is delivered strongly. Over the past years, such campaigns have gained momentum and created a platform of its own across the globe in more than 100 countries to celebrate such occasions.

The Save Paper Campaign launched by Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited on the occasion of World Environment Day this year was an attempt to adopt eco-friendly measures despite being a part of the chemical related industry. The company strongly believes that preserving the environment and taking appropriate measures and initiatives to make the world greener is very important. Each year, Cadila Pharmaceuticals has been performing similar such activities to create awareness about saving the environment from further destruction.

In 2014, apart from the tree plantation drive, quiz and drawing competition in Bhat, Ankleshwar, Dholka and Hirapur, Cadila Pharmaceuticals has designed a campaign to make its employees become aware about the significance if reducing consumption of paper in the form of print outs, photo copies, etc. and use paper sparingly when it comes to printing of documents multiple documents.

Paper is probably one of those things that are used the most without thinking too much. The process of manufacturing and producing papers involve emission of carbon that contributes largely to changes in climate. Paper, according to many, is a one-time use object. However, the same can be recycled and used but the process will again involve some amount of carbon emission. That is why, in order to save paper, the first step that everyone should take is to reduce the use of paper as much as possible. Today, emails have replaced letters, files filled with data printed on papers have been replaced by folders in the computer drives. It is, no doubt, difficult to run a paperless organisation, but it is not entirely impossible to achieve. Reducing, reusing and recycling papers that are already used can help in achieving goal of saving paper and this was exactly what Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited had planned for its organisation to follow. Taking up a social cause always helps in ensuring that an organisation is performing its responsibilities towards the society and more so, in case of environmental and natural causes.

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