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Designation: Supervisor
Department : Production Office
Reporting to (Designation) : Asst. Manager
Position presently Occupied by (Name): –
Level: 0
Desired Qualification: BRS/MRM/B.Sc. / M.Sc. (Agri)/Biotechnology
Qualification of Current Job Holder: B.Sc. (Biotechnology)
EMP Code:
No. of Vacancy: 1

Major Purpose of the Job: (Exactly spell out key deliveries/results expected from this job)

  1. Primary and Secondary Hardening activities for all TC crops at TCL Hardening Centers.
  2. Execution of timely deliveries of Primary hardened plants from greenhouse.
  3. Co-ordination with marketing officer for Dispatch of secondary hardened plants to farmers. Logistic activities regarding dispatch able plants
  4. Proper handling and utilization of Labor strength.
  5. To ensure optimization of resources and reduction of mortality during hardening.

Principal Accountability: (Please write all the major jobs that the employee is required to carry out )

1) Primary and secondary hardening activities at TCL Hardening Centers.
  1. To make the plant for Primary & Secondary hardening on the basis on production schedule.
  2. To procurement of inputs on the basis of requirements.
  3. Monitoring the hardening activities like portrays filling, ex-agar planting, Bag filling, secondary planting, Grading, spraying and fertigation etc on day to day basis.
  4. Regular monitoring and follow-up the watering/Fertigation/spraying scheduled related to primary and secondary hardening.
  5. Ensure hardening of the plants to be done as per the method described in SOP.
  6. Ensure effective manpower utilization.
  7. Allotment of manpower as per work demands.
  8. Train unskilled labors for hardening and thereby increasing their productivity.
  9. Production and dispatch of healthy and disease free plants.
  10. Secondary hardening of Tissue Culture plants all TC crops at TCL Hardening Centers.
  11. Regular monitoring and follow-up the watering/Fertigation/spraying scheduled related to primary and secondary hardening.
  12. Control the physiological and pathological problems during primary secondary hardening.
  13. Ensure optimization of resources and reduction of mortality in Greenhouse and shade house
  14. Ensure that Primary and secondary hardening mortality should not cross the budgeted limit.
  15. Papaya seed sawing, germination, hardening and dispatch of plants.
2) Coordination and dispatch of Primary and secondary plants
  1. Ensure the dispatch of primary hardened plants as per schedule and as per quality norms.
  2. Logistic activities regarding dispatch able plants.
  3. Co-ordinate with Production, Maintenance and different hardening centre in-charge.
3) Documentation
  1. Preparation of daily planting and dispatch data and reporting to superior.
  2. Daily Spraying and fertigation data maintenance.
  3. Preparation of dispatch invoice and daily labor attendance.
4) Feedback
  1. Give necessary feedback to labor for tray filling, plant washing, grading, planting, fertigation, P/H plants grading, packing and dispatch.
  2. Inform / Discuss with Department Head of any Deviations and productivity issues.

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