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  • CPL Biologicals launches Cadiflu-S, World’s First Virus Like Particle (VLP) Vaccine for Seasonal Influenza Read More >>

5 Worst Foods for Your Digestion

Enjoyed a sumptuous meal but left with a feeling of gas, nausea, bloated or heartburn? The stomach is known to digest any type of food that passes through your mouth. However, due to changes in food processing and preparation, in addition, an unhealthy lifestyle can cause indigestion and discomfort. Here are the five worst foods that you should avoid eating for a happy tummy. 1. Dairy... Read >>

How to choose active pharmaceutical ingredients (API / Bulk Drug) supplier

Pharmaceutical companies around the world need to undergo a series of process to produce medicines. All the steps involved in the process are important and one major is involvement of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Most Biopharma companies rely on outsourced suppliers for the ingredient and its intermediates, and they supply it with an assurance of quality. As APIs make an important... Read >>

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients- License Requirements for Indian Drug Exporters

Active pharmaceutical ingredients are those components present in drugs due to which medications work. Though it is far from being such a simple thing and process as it sounds. There are a series of regulations and laws that surround everything regarding API and license laws are just the beginning. Read on to know more of these laws related to the license requirements. There are certain documents... Read >>

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

Pharmaceutical drugs may be available in form of tablets or capsules but their actual components are far from homogenous. There are various chemicals included in the drugs and the portion that actually works in treating the condition i.e. the active part is known as ‘Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients’ or API in short. Sometimes a drug may also contain several API and the reaction or response... Read >>

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited adopts eco-friendly measures

World Environment Day, also referred to as WED is a day that is celebrated with the aim of raising awareness amongst the general public to adopt eco-friendly measures in order to protect the environment and protect nature from any further deterioration. World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5. This programme is run by The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The theme on... Read >>

Cadila Pharmaceuticals believes in “Collaborative indigenous effort is key to R&D success”

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited believes and works towards providing affordable healthcare to all. In order to achieve the same, it has always taken steps to remain ahead of time and keep innovating products that are beyond its generic nature. In order to offer different pharmaceutical products addressing different problems, Cadila Pharmaceuticals has addressed many key areas in modern... Read >>
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