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Position: Marketing Head- Gyneac
Department: Gastro
Experience: Should possess at least 22- 24 years of overall experience in Pharmaceutical Industry in Sales & Marketing in large multispecialty divisions in MNC / premier Indian companies with good business volumes and various brands at different stages of maturity on BCG Index. The ideal candidate should have spent the last 18 -20 years in Sales & Marketing of which the last 6-8 years ideally as head of marketing & sales team or senior positions in marketing and Sales leading a team of 16 personnel
Location: Bhat, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Education: MBA / PG Diploma in Marketing (full time) from reputed Institutes

Major Purpose of the Job:

The jobholder shall be responsible for preparation of marketing mix, design and implementation of successful marketing strategies, scanning of market for identification & expansion into various therapies, identification of potential candidates whilst maximizing current portfolio in various stages through appropriate line extensions. The jobholder will support the business head in achieving the budgeted targets and market shares by sustaining high volume brands, developing a strong portfolio of second line brands ensuring higher evolution indices and profitability

Principal Tasks & Responsibilities:

1. Preparation of Marketing Mix
• Scan & analyse the IPM in terms of various therapies, customer segments and the dynamics affecting the market in the medium to long term
• Recommend various alternate approaches in addressing the market in terms of entry into various therapy brackets speciality segments for better evolution index in line with the vision for the division / organisation and get approvals of senior leadership team
• Prepare and Deploy effective Marketing Mix for the business and implement the same
• Deliver and deploy high quality project leads through superior marketing strategies & tactics

2. Design and Implementation of Marketing Strategies
• Design appropriate Marketing Strategies for the division as a whole and the various therapy segments with periodical focus with an objective of better evolution index for each brand franchise / therapy
• Sustain the focus on performance of well established brand equities through effective strategies and successful launch of line extensions
• Develop aggressive growth paths for secondary brands with an objective of achieving market leadership in various therapy segments whilst hiving off low contributors with low GC
• Deploy effective pricing strategies for improving the GC / Profitability of each brand franchise
• Manage the entire portfolio at various lifecycle stages of BCG matrix
• Deploy effective customer segmentation and product differentiation strategies
• Design and implement integrated marketing communication to each customer segments through Field Force
• Effective implementation of Marketing strategies through FF and support through joint field work by self and entire marketing team (8-10 days of field work recommended)
• Train the FF in effectively implementing marketing campaigns/ promotional themes
• Constant monitoring of the effectiveness of implementation and improve at critical mile stones

3. Customer Development / Market Development
• Deploy effective KOL strategy and oversee implementation of the same whilst developing own KOLs
• Participate in various customer forums for influencing key drivers / decision makers in high priority segments
• Understand and constantly update the various initiatives by competitors and ensure mechanisms to ward off threats

4. Team Leadership
• Provide leadership and direction to a team of therapy heads (GPMs) and Product Managers & ensure that they are effectively deployed for achieving the business goals, MS goals and profitability goals of the division


Contact Details: johnson.mathew@cadilapharma.co.in, jatin.paramar@cadilapharma.co.in

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